Blogging For A Celebrity – My 5 Ghost Blogging Tips For Writing A Celebrity Blog

I follow these 5 tips to ensure client satisfaction and repeat business orders across varied industries, like publishing, acting, music, fine arts, painting, gambling, product design and fashion designing.

Here’s how I made blogging for a celebrity another fulfilling writing genre in my list of writing services:

1. Even the most brilliant and creative minds have some areas they are not able to convey accurately and interestingly to people. As a writer, once I recognized these gray areas of my celebrity clients – topics they had difficulty expressing themselves in effectively, I was able to make them appear human and relatable for fans, friends and general blog readers, by taking some of the focus away from achievements and laying it instead on their very real and human insecurities. The approach won them more blog visitors without trivializing any of the challenging life aspects!

2. It is preferable to work towards gaining the confidence and regard of a few high quality clients rather than taking on a bunch of requests for every new celebrity on the block as most tend to have giant egos and can demand a lot of writing time, which affects a writer’s productivity. Lack of productivity due to rock star egos of celebrity clients can lead to a slump in creativity in blog posts eventually, which can adversely affect a writer’s business image as well as their bottom line. I learned not to get carried away with accepting too many ghost blogging requests for celebrities and keeping my productivity constant – and also my sanity – by picking a select few I could personally relate to.

3. Integrity is vital in ghost blogging for a celebrity, particularly if the writing they expect is out of a writer’s usual category or knowledge area. It cultivates respect and recommendations for a blog writer who can refuse an assignment that is not completely in tune with their passion for the celebrity’s work or industry, saving a lot of time and disappointment for both service buyer and provider.

4. Aim at quality over perfection as the blog posts for a celebrity should be guided by a pleasurable feeling rather than created under pressure in order for them to have lasting appeal. This is the factor that wins a celebrity blog repeat visitors and recommendations, as much as use of hot keywords, tags and in-bound links to other relevant posts. The last practice ensures readers stick around the blog longer, reading other linked posts based on highlighted phrases and hyperlinks inserted at strategic points in the blog!

5. A professional blog writer for a celebrity client needs to also maintain a cool fa├žade for the service buyer so the client never sees you sweat, no matter what! Projecting competence in all interaction with the client ensures winning the trust they seek easily enough so you can win a long term writing contract and hopefully, rave reviews, recommendations and a testimonial for your writing website that lands you higher paying gigs!!

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